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Chasing Sleep…

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that it’s been approximately 11 and a half months since my last decent sleep.

Whenever I tell people that Poppy doesn’t sleep through the night, the response usually goes something like this, ‘Have you tried…’

and my response goes a little like…

‘I’ve tried…

  • sleeping with her nightlight on
  • sleeping with her light off
  • installing black out curtains
  • sleeping with the curtains wide open
  • dressing her in a short sleeved baby grow
  • dressing her in a footless baby grow
  • wrapping her in a thick blanket
  • wrapping her with a thin muslin
  • removing her ‘Sleepyhead’ from her cot
  • putting her ‘Sleepyhead’ back in her cot
  • raising her mattress at one side
  • giving her a toy to cuddle
  • having earlier nap times
  • having later nap times
  • having shorter nap times
  • moving bath time to earlier in the day
  • giving her a bottle before her bath
  • giving her a bottle after her bath
  • moving her dinner time to earlier in the day
  • singing lullabies (yes me personally singing…it’s horrific!)
  • playing Brahms lullabies on loop throughout the night
  • playing ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ song on repeat
  • blaring white noise
  • inserting a dummy into her crying mouth
  • brushing her hair
  • playing quietly in her darkened room an hour before bedtime
  • a strict ‘no tv 2 hours before bedtime’ policy
  • putting her to bed when she’s almost asleep
  • putting her to bed when she’s fully asleep (thumb is fully out of the mouth!)
  • standing over her cot and rubbing her stomach, ┬áleg, hand…any body part I can actually reach
  • sleeping on the floor next to her while wedging my hands through the rails of the cot (why didn’t I buy one of those cots where the sides slide down?!)
  • crying it out
  • wedging her in-between Ian and I

I’ve given up! She must be teething. ┬áThat’s the answer to everything, right?

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