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The lovely Hannah is the face behind _englishrosewithsandytoes_.  I’ve been following Hannah’s journey as a mummy to the adorable Connie, and was so excited to see her make the move over to Dubai just a few weeks ago.  Her Instagram feed is a beautiful mix of travel, motherhood and home inspiration, and I can’t wait to watch as she turns a desert house into her family home.

Instagram is strange in that you feel like you know someone even though you have never actually met them!  I can’t wait to finally meet Hannah now that she is living on this side of the planet.

Sit down with a cuppa and enjoy getting to know her…

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Hannah and I am actually 31 today!!  I am from London originally but have just moved over to Dubai with my husband Joe, and my 16 month old daughter Connie. I work part time as Cabin Crew for Virgin Atlantic.  Travelling is my ultimate passion. The plan is to commute from Dubai back to London to work (crazy I know!). I hope it works out as I am just not ready to give up work yet.  I’m addicted to tea, I think I drink about 10 cups a day (it has to be PG tips!) and I am very particular on the way it is made! My friends would probably say I’m a little bit scatty – haha.

What do you enjoy most about being a mum?

I really enjoy the social side of being a mum – it means I get to drink tea all day long! I just love meeting new mummies and watching our babies develop and grow. I also equally enjoy socialising with mummies in the evenings as well over a cocktail or two!! Honestly though, the look of unconditional love that your child gives you is just incredible. You simply cannot beat that.

How do you make time for yourself?

It’s so hard as a mummy to make time for yourself. The only way I get time to myself is by physically leaving the house. My daughter is currently going through a phase where I cannot even leave the room for two seconds without her having a complete and utter meltdown. Going to the gym was one way I got a bit of me time when Connie was first born, or even just popping to the supermarket for an hour. It’s crazy though the things you will do just to get five minutes peace!

Tell me about your funniest parenting experience.

I don’t think I have one funny parenting experience that stands out. To be honest everyday is full of laughter in this household as me and my husband never have a clue what we are doing!! Although I have just thought of a time when the window cleaners caught me breastfeeding my daughter naked through the lounge window. Does that count?!!

Has your own mother influenced you on how you parent?

My mum has really influenced the way I parent. She is definitely my role model and Connie absolutely adores her. Sometimes I like to try things my own way but then nearly always end up reverting back to how my mum did it.

What one piece of advice do you have for other mums?

To just completely go with the flow and trust your instinct. A mother knows their child more than anyone else.

Describe your ideal Mother’s Day.

My ideal Mother’s Day would be to spend it with my mum and my daughter (which I am doing!) maybe some tea and cake in a cute little café and then an afternoon on the beach until sunset. That would be perfect.

Describe motherhood in three words.

Challenging, rewarding, truly incredible

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