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The face behind ippandco is the wonderfully talented, funny and honest Dubai blogger Krysia.  With an Instagram feed filled with colourful squares of travel, adventure, motherhood and smiles, I was instantly drawn in.  A mummy to gorgeous toddler Casper, Krysia’s conversational instablog leaves you feeling like you’ve known her for years.  A truly inspirational mummy who juggles being a wife, mother and journalist.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Krysia as much as I have…Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a 37 year old British Expat living in Dubai. I’ve been here for 8 years and currently have no plans to leave. I write for a living, often for one of the national newspapers in Dubai as well as other publications.

What do you enjoy most about being a mum?

When my son comes into our bedroom in the mornings after my husband has got him up, the smile on his face makes my heart fill up. I absolutely adore watching him develop and understand the world around him, I had no idea these small things would bring such happiness. I also love seeing him interact with our wider family. Being expats we don’t see family as often as we’d like so it’s extra special when we do.

How do you make time for yourself?

I’m lucky in that I have full time, live in help without which I think I would go crazy! Casper also goes to nursery three mornings a week which gives me time to work. Work is a break these days, that’s about as much time as I get to myself!

Tell me about your funniest parenting experience.

 Casper makes me laugh pretty much every day, it’s hard to single out one particular moment. At the moment he’s making me laugh every morning when he wakes us up chatting about apples. He really does love an apple that boy!

Has your own mother influenced how you parent?

To an extent. My own mother is very much a ‘take no nonsense’ sort of person and I think I’m applying the same sort of principles to my own parenting. I try and set boundaries and rules where I can although a lot of things I thought I would be very strict about have gone out of the window.

What one piece of advice do you have for other mums?

We’re all just muddling through, trying to survive each day in one piece. If it works for your family, it works. So far, I’m finding that distraction is the way to surviving the Toddler Years! Distract, Distract, Distract!

Describe your ideal Mother’s Day.

Hmm can I have two?! I love family time with my husband and son and a nice lunch out would be perfect. I’d also kill to have a day on my own at a at a fancy beach club with a bottle of Rose and my book!

Describe motherhood in 3 words.

Amazing, joyful, exhausting!


If you would like to know more about Krysia, head on over to her blog:

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